ITS and MSAA Forge Transformative Partnership to Advance Filmmaking Education in Malta.

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  • 04 Jul, 2023

The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) and the Mediterranean Screen Arts Academy (MSAA) are proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at creating a department within ITS that will focus on providing programmes and high-level projects in the field of filmmaking education. This collaborative partnership, with the cooperation of the Ministry for Tourism, marks an important milestone in the pursuit of nurturing talent and fostering innovation in the film industry in Malta. The MoU signing took place today at the Ministry for Tourism in Valletta.

Mr Pierre Fenech, ITS CEO, expressed his excitement stating, “As ITS we give the tourism niche markets a lot of importance. Similar to what we did within the Diving Sector, we are now extending to the Film Industry. We are thrilled to partner with MSAA, as this strategic alliance will allow us to combine our strengths and resources to offer exceptional filmmaking education. Through this partnership will be able to contribute towards such an important segment in our tourism product.”

To celebrate the launch of MSAA, acclaimed filmmaker Roland Joffé has filmed a powerful statement on the set of his upcoming feature film 'The Gray House,' highlighting the academy's spirit and vision. Joffé expressed his delight at seeing his vision of MSAA materialise stating, "I am filled with anticipation as MSAA joins hands with ITS to transform Malta into a renowned hub for international film education. Our collective aspiration is to create a thriving community that transcends geographical boundaries, welcoming passionate individuals from around the world who share a deep interest in exploring diverse cultures through the enchantment of storytelling. By empowering people with the art of narrative, we embark on an extraordinary journey of expanding minds and nurturing the transformative power of storytelling."

MSAA offers a comprehensive curriculum that empowers students to bring their creative visions to life. Through hands-on projects, mentorship from industry professionals, and exposure to cutting-edge technologies, students at MSAA gain the skills needed to excel in both the business and the creative side of the ever-growing media industry. This student-centered approach prepares graduates to make their mark in the film industry. 

MSAA's esteemed partners, Stargate Studios Malta, is an integral component of the global Stargate brand and offers high-end digital production and visual effects services to the international market, while Rupture introduces state-of-the-art virtual-production technologies for creating in-camera virtual cinematic experiences.

Trevor Walton, co-founder of MSAA, emphasises the institute's impact, stating "We have so enjoyed learning from and participating in the Maltese media educational initiatives from the Malta Film Commission. We are happy to be able to provide a specific service within the national drive for media education and awareness."

The MoU signing propels Malta towards an innovative future, fostering projects, education, and collaboration. Together, both institutions empower the next generation of filmmakers, driving growth and establishing Malta as a premier film production destination.

Clayton Bartolo, Minister for Tourism, emphasised the partnership's significance, stating,“Through this MoU, the Institute of Tourism Studies and Mediterranean Screen Arts Academy emphasise their commitment to collaborating with industry experts, filmmakers, and tourism professionals to ensure that the offered vocational programmes remain current, relevant, and aligned with the ever-evolving demands of the film industry and film tourism sector.”

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