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Do you ever feel more alive watching a good film, than you do in your normal life? Do you escape so completely that the rest of the world seems mundane by comparison? Do you recognise cinema for the incredible tool it is to inspire future generations, tell beautiful stories, help people cope and identify?

You already know if a career in film is for you.

You could be interested in deeply psychological characters with heavy ‘ghosts’ and a deep thematic premise. You could write poetry about the choice to shoot on retro anamorphic lenses on a larger format sensor. You could be that person who hunts for the best light to capture a mood, or the person who buys headphones that are 5x the price because sound is just that beautiful to you. Or you could be an avid composer who dreams of scoring, or find incredible passion in the seamless integration of visual effects. Or perhaps colour harmony and theory brings you a deep sense of satisfaction.

Or perhaps you’d like to use all of these amazing tools to drive your vision.

Whether you want to change minds with a deeply philosophical explorative piece or write the next great space opera, the Malta International Film Academy is the place to start.


The process for selection is as follows:

  1. Fill in the application form. Applicants must be 18 and over.
  2. Attach any creative work - a portfolio, music, photography, essays or
  3. Write us a 200-word motivational letter to describe your creative interests.

Once we receive this information, we will contact you to inform you if you've been selected for an interview. If you are selected to enrol, we will send you a payment link for 50% of the fees. The second payment will bedue closer to the start of the course.


Some programmes have specific requirements. Please review the details on the particular course you are interested in.

Meet our satisfied students

“Just graduated from an intensive 8-week program where I had the chance to be encouraged in developing my own style as an aspiring filmmaker. After such an intricate and creative process, I feel prepared to produce authentic pieces of work with all the practical and theoretical knowledge that I have gained, as well as having the confidence to work in the film industry after only this short period of time. The program is fast-paced, makes you get out of your comfort zone, and teaches you how to take the best decisions in order to achieve your artistic intentions with your personal work. You will have the opportunity to work in different roles and jobs within the industry. You will make wonderful friends, colleagues, and contacts along the way to last a lifetime of memories. This course provided me with such a great experience that right after the course had ended, I was offered a job immediately on an upcoming television series as a Set PA, yet through my experience within the academy, I managed to progress to 3rd then 1st AD. I even got the chance to direct 2 scenes within the series. The inspiration I received from this course has pushed me to follow my filmmaking passion and turn it into my full-time freelancing job, purchasing and expanding my own equipment and even producing my own short films. I highly recommend this academy to anyone who is willing to put in the work and follow/grow their passion within the industry through interactive and practical lectures with some of the greats in the industry including a legendary and inspirational director like Mr. Roland Joffé.”
Neil Fitzpatrick


“After completing my degree in Communications, focusing my dissertation on the effect of colour theory in film, the summer programme, was the perfect stepping stone to introduce students alike to the industry. We were guided from the very beginning – from the history of film to the final stages of film production.

I was always interested in the post-production stage of film and video production, however, this course gave me the ability to test out different parts of the film industry. I learned a lot from great mentors who made sure we were experiencing what it truly is to be part of this industry. I not only had the opportunity to meet local professionals in the industry, but also had the opportunity to work with them side by side. It is safe to say that both the mentors and staff created such a safe environment which helped cultivate such a fruitful experience. Above all, during this summer I had the opportunity to meet like minded individuals, which I had the pleasure of sharing this experience with. Intensive, yet very rewarding couple of months. Wouldn’t have wanted the summer of 2022 to be any other way.”

Claire Camilleri


“As a person who had nothing to do with filmmaking other than having a general interest, this course fed my curiosity regarding a lot of aspects in the process of creating a film, as well as providing amazing mentors who were very patient with my lack of knowledge but more than willing to teach me. I gained knowledge, experience, and amazing friends throughout the process of creating the Honey-do List.”

Layan Ebaid

So my experience at the academy was one that I will never forget. I look back at those days when we had sessions everyday with professionals and I think of how much I have learned where even the smallest detail was of utmost importance. My favourite part of the course was of course the days of shooting – hectic days of filming guided by such a skilled crew of people. I made new friends who are important to me whilst gaining great confidence in my skills. It gave me a big boost and made me realize on which side of the camera I want to be on the most – in front of the camera. I do love filming and photographing other people, I am also passionate about editing but most of all, I want to perform in front of the camera. This course helped me discover that I want to be an actress. What can I say? If I had the opportunity to experience it all over again, I would. Everyone was super nice and Roland himself, AMAZING!

Riyana Stivala

All in all, I can state that this course opened a vast array of information about creating a short film. Now, I have a much better understanding of what the movie industry entails and a better understanding of how a movie is produced from start to finish. 


I truly recommend this summer programme and the future courses to come. The summer programme opened doors to aspiring filmmakers and also helped me acquire a thorough knowledge regarding every aspect of film production. I can also confirm that the staff including all tutors and even third party studio staff were fantastic in every imaginable way. So if you aspire to become a movie producer or want to figure out which role you want in the movie industry, MSAA is the best place to start.

Jesmar Zammit

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